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"A Cuddly, Customized Alternative to Pet Urns"

Honor your Beloved Pet without a Traditional Urn

Losing a pet is never easy. It affects the entire family and leaves everyone with a void and a profound sense of grief. Beloved Pets by Gina understands that grief and offers an alternative way to make a lasting memorial of your beloved pet. We can help you with any pet including exotics, mice, fish, lizards etc.

Our mission is to assist and provide a valuable service to families that have suffered the loss of a pet. We hope to develop a keepsake that will perpetually attempt to fill the void left by the loss of that one being that always gave us unconditional love without any expectations by keeping their memory alive.

We want to help you preserve your precious memories with dignified after life services.

Many people think in terms of black and white when losing a beloved pet. Cremation or burial might be the only options that enter into your thought process. We all know families who have buried their pet(s) in the backyard. What happens when the family relocates? Is it safe for the environment? Is it legal according to your town's code?
Keep your pet with you always in a safe, everlasting way; let us show you how you can hold them in your arms even after their spirit has passed on.
Ginawith Cuddly Mugsy
Gina with her beloved pet, Mugsy
Over the past year I have performed this service for many people for various types of pets, just by word of mouth. Most of the people have been seniors, family members and close friends. I make a custom tailored pets that closely resemble their beloved pet and then make alterations to match the pet's physical attributes so that it is a true reminder of their lost companion. It has been my greatest reward to see their faces and reactions when I present them with their old friend.


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